Tube Clean & Dry System


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Product Description

OK, this is how I use it at home.
First, every morning I wash the tube out and hang it to dry in the shower, using the suction cup attachment to keep the hanger in place.

About once every month or so, I make up a disinfectant based cleaning solution, and fill up the tube. I put the caps into each end of the tube and give it a good shake. I run my tube brush through it (link here), then I let the tube soak by hanging the tube, ends up on the hanger for about 30 minutes. I then rinse the tube out thoroughly, and hang it ends down to dry (on the hanger again)

What’s in it for you?tube hanging
1. Clean and dry tubes
2. Simple washing procedure
3. Simple cleaning procedure
4. No water on the floor or carpet
(Which means a happy wife as my previous method wasn’t that good)AG Industries CPAP Tube Cleaning SystemTube Cleaning System