Transcend II really small CPAP Machine


Product Description

best sellerThe world’s smallest, lightest, most portable CPAP machine has just been approved for sale in Australia – and we have it now.The Transcend is a fully functioning Fixed pressure CPAP machine, designed for travelling and travellers, but is just as useful at home.


  • Fixed Therapy Pressure (Range from 4 to 20 cmH2O)
  • Ramp feature
  • Automatic Altitude adjustment
  • Automatic voltage conversion for world-wide use
  • AHI & Leak detect compliance recording
  • FAA Approved for airplane use
  • Compatible with any mask
  • AND under 30 decibels noise level 

Dimensions: 155 x 89 x 71mm
Weight: 426g
Sound Level: 29dB
Warranty: 3 Years

Add the new Heated Humidifier for only $295

Optional Accessories available:

P4 Overnight battery  (approx 7-8 hours @ 14 cm/H2O)
P8 Multi-night battery (approx 15-16 hours @ 14 cm/H2O)
Mobile Power adaptor (car or battery power for usage and recharging)
Docking station (for secure bedside use)*

*The Transcend is so lightweight that we do recommend you purchase the docking station for home use, as it keeps the Transcend from sliding around.

To give an idea of the size, we took some pictures of the Transcend on my desk, next to my stapler, and also next to a common CPAP mask.