Seatec SleepTight Chinstrap


Product Description

best sellerHelp keep your mouth closed while you sleepProbably the most stable of chin straps, the unique, multi strap design holds it securely in place, and gives lots of chin and lip support.

  • Adjustable top strap
  • Adjustable back strap
  • Larger chin cup for more supportseatec chip strap
  • Bottom lip support as well as chin
  • Very stable multi-strap design
  • All elastic material for maximum comfort

What size do I need?

Measure around your head, from under your chin to the crown of your head going just in front of your ears (above your forehead), and back to the starting point under your chin.

  • Median Sizes are:
    Small fits where the chin to top of head measurement is around 54cm
    Medium fits where the measurement is around 60cm
    Large fits where the measurement is around 66cm
    Further lesser or larger adjustment is available on each chin strap size. The circumferences shown are the medium size for each chin strap.
    Chin straps help to minimize the problems that occur if air leaks from you mouth whilst using nasal CPAP. These include: a dry mouth or the feeling of air bubbling through your lips as you go to sleep. Chin straps can also sometimes help prevent air swallowing (aerophagia) and the discomfort it causes.