Resmed PowerStation II Part#24921


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Product Description

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Airline Friendly CPAP Therapy, thanks to the Resmed Power Station II.
The Resmed Power Station II is a 97w/hr Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, designed to power all Resmed S9 & Airsense 10 CPAP machines. Fully loaded, it’s only 30cm x 20cm x 10cm deep and weighs just over 2 Kgs.

Lithium Ion batteries are accepted by airlines to power medical devices during flight. (Of course, you must check with your airline well before you fly, in case they need more information or forms filled out by you.)
The PowerStation has a 97watt/hr capacity, which is under the 100 watt/hr maximum allowed without approval for airline flight. Use the PowerStation to run your  machine and you don’t need to fly First Class just to get access to a power point.

Re- charge the Power Station II using your S9 or Airsense Power pack, then plug and play (or sleep). The Power Station II comes almost  ready to use if you have an S9 machine (you need a DC Cable), but you need to get the correct adapter and cable if you have an Airsense 10 machine. There is even a space for an optional second battery to double the usage time.

S9 Machines – you need to also purchase #24961 DC Cable
Airsense 10 Machines – you need to also purchase #37343 DC Cable and #37342 PSU Adapter

Expect to get 8 hours of CPAP time from a fully charged battery, BUT a lot less if you turn on your humidifier – we suggest you use it as a flow-over humidifier by turning it to a setting of 0 while using the Power Station II. By doing this you still get some humidification, but about 4 times the battery charge life.

Cannot be sold outside Australia.