ResMed Mirage FX Nasal Mask #62106 / #62121 / #62134


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Product Description

ResMed’s latest nasal mask. Two versions exist, the Regular model or Mirage FX for him, and the pink hued Mirage FX for Her. A Wide sized mask is also available..

As with all new masks, you really need to see if it fits before you buy.


TRIAL USER RESPONSE.I tried it for a week, and here’s what I found…..

The Mirage FX is a close fitting nasal mask, with the cushion hugging the sides of the nose, and getting a good seal. Lots of space around the top allowing unimpeded vision, but room for adjustment if needed.I was particularly impressed with the forehead support – the unique butterfly design is so light on the skin you hardly know it is there.

Typical, strong Resmed headgear you know will last, though no clips this time. The Mirage FX has a slide on clip design to attach the bottom strap – similar in function to the Fisher Paykel glider.

To me, the cap style of headgear also tends to remain in place better than the older “H” designs.

Mirage FX + Headgear 70k

This is the butterfly forehead support I found so comfortable.
mirage fx 3

The Mirage FX for Her headgear is pink 

Standard and Wide sizing 

mirage fx 7

Very simple design – only four parts.
mirage fx 2(1)

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