Pilairo Q Nasal Pillows Mask #400421


Product Description

From good to GREAT with two simple changes.

The Fisher & Paykel Pilairo, a unique, one size fits most, nasal pillows mask, just got better, with the new, upgraded headgear option for those who want a firmer fit, and the addition of their nifty diffuser system.

The diffuser turns the Pilairo into the quietest mask you can get your hands on. Better still, no more air flow onto the person beside you, so it’s a double win.

How it works

The Pilairo has a small hard shell that covers and controls the nasal pillows. This shell stays in place at the end of your nose, almost cupping it, but with minimal headgear pressure. And the rigidity of the shell means the cushions are not dragged from side to side whenever you move, keeping them in place, and working. The remarkable thing is that the shell doesn’t touch your face, so there is no “frame” pressure.


The pillows sit on a soft, expanding base, and push even more firmly into place as the air pressure increases and the base expands. The fit is enhanced by the taper of each pillow, which ensures the best seal possible in your nostrils or nares.

The mask exhausts from the elbow, with the elbow able to do a full 360° turn, with the diffuser dispersing the air flow within centimetres.
The short, lightweight tube connects to your regular machine tube, and should be supported to minimise impact on mask stability during sleep, like all smaller masks. We found sliding the main tube under the pillow edge to be a simple way to do this.