ICON+ Premo with SensAwake


Product Description

What’s so special about the ICON?

  • One piece construction – nothing to lose just plug in and play
  • Simple controls – only one button, but more control if you want
  • and probably the best looking CPAP machine around

Optional 5 Year Warranty available 

What you get:

  • The latest in CPAP technology
  • Contemporary and stylish design for any bedroom.
  • One of the quietest CPAP machines presently on sale.
  • Built in humidifier (makes it smaller, quieter and more stable, plus conserves heat)
  • ThermoSmart and heated tube – Get more humidity to you and less condensation to your tube.
  • Complete data download capability 
  • Travel bag, tube, manuals, power cord, compliance memory-stick and extra filters.

Complete support, follow up and unlimited consultations are included as always.

What’s in it for you?
Much more comfort, and probably much more sleep. After all, it’s high pressures that cause most of the problems, and wake you up.

With SensAwake, your machine pressure stays at the low set level until you fall asleep. Just like a ramp function, but without the ramping.  And, if you don’t nod off quickly, there is no need to start the ramping all over again. The new Premo just stays at that low pressure until you fall asleep.

And if you start to wake up during the night, SensAwake drops the pressure again to the same low level, minimising any mask leakage that may be disturbing you, and eliminating that startled “what the . . .” reaction you get when a major mask leak wakes you at 2 in the morning.

All this in the most non-medical looking fixed pressure CPAP machine on the market – the ICON+ Premo.