F&P Brevida Nasal Pillows Mask #BRE1SMA


Product Description

Designed for Confidence. Built for Comfort.

Gaining patient confidence is key to successful CPAP therapy and patient confidence begins with a mask that fits and is comfortable.

Introducing the NEW F&P Brevida™ Nasal Pillows mask:

Developed from extensive patientcentred research, the F&P Brevida mask
incorporates a number of unique features including the innovative AirPillow™
seal which distributes pressure in and around the nose for a gentle and effective seal

Air Pillows vs prong seal


The innovative pillow inflates to form a gentle
and effective seal in and around the nose.
Two sizes included (extra small/small and medium/large)

Adjustable headgear


Single strap with adjustment ridges, designed to stay in place during sleep
Washable diffuser Reduces noise and air draft. One piece that is both washable and durable.


Blue highlights incorporated into the mask
assist with fitting and daily mask use

Brevida Quarter