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Finding the right mask for you

Mask comfort is the critical part of successful CPAP therapy So, take time to purchase the best fitting mask.

A well fitting mask sits comfortably on your face, seals well under full pressure, works in normal sleeping position, is simple to refit by a sleep deprived person at 2:00am, and is easily cleaned.

And you really won’t know how well your new mask works until you’ve used it in your own bed for about a week, so make sure you can change it if your new mask just doesn’t like you.

We recommend that first timers have a mask correctly fitted by someone who really understands what they are doing. Make sure you try on three or four similar type masks, preferably from different manufacturers, so you know which one has the best “face feel”, and what your second choice would be.



If you are due for a new mask we can take you through our latest range of CPAP masks. Feel at ease when purchasing your new mask as we are happy to refund or exchange your mask within 14 days if you are not completely satisfied with your new mask purchase*.

Always keep in mind that you will wear the mask lying in bed, probably using a pillow. Make sure the mask works in this position. Chances are, a mask fitted while you are standing up, or sitting in front of a computer, won’t fit as you lie down. Appearance always comes second to suitability.

Whether it’s a Full Face, Nasal Pillow or Nasal CPAP mask – we have the right mask for you!








*14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee applies to the following CPAP masks – ResMed P10, ResMed N10, ResMed F10, ResMed Quattro & Quattro Air, Fisher & Paykel Eson2, Fisher & Paykel Simplus, Philips Respironics Dreamwear and Philips Respironics Amara View. We encourage you to have a mask fitted in store before purchase. If a mask is shipped without an in store fitting, you are eligible for a replacement or store credit for any other mask or mask size, but no refund unless there is a major failure with the product as defined under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).