CPAP Masks – Care and Cleaning

Care of Your CPAP Mask.

1. The Silicone Cushion needs to be kept free of the acidic/oily residue that comes from contact with your skin (yes, we all have a residue). Why ? If this residue is not removed it will slowly degrade the Silicone Cushion, lessening the seal between your mask and your skin, which leads to leaks, which leads to hissing, which leads to lousy sleep . . . . . .

2. Wipe or wash the Silicone Cushion daily with a gentle cleaning solution – warm water and mild soap (like dishwashing liquid) will do the job. After washing, rinse and let air dry, but NOT in direct sunlight.

3. If you are concerned about being able to re-assemble the mask, use “Wet Wipes” or a similar product to wipe the silicone clean every morning and night (and wipe your face too where the mask touches). This will minimize the degradation of the silicone, but save you worrying about putting the mask back together. (If you follow this procedure you should take your mask apart at least once a month and give the whole mask a thorough clean.) Note that the wipes without scent or added oils do work best for this cleaning. As a bonus, they are also usually the cheapest.

4. If you have a Fisher & Paykel mask with a grey foam, do not allow the grey foam to get wet, as it will break down more quickly if it does. Simple wipe the grey foam and let air dry.

5. Wipe any Silicone forehead pads while you are at it. They too will degrade if not cleaned.

6. The Silicone Cushion, if treated carefully, will probably last a year or more. For continuity Plan Ahead – buy a new Silicone Cushion, BEFORE the old one breaks, so that you have a backup if you need it. The grey foams last from three to four months.

7. Wash the headgear weekly in warm soapy water to keep it free from perspiration and the like, which will also cause the headgear to degrade or stretch out more quickly.

8. Each week wipe or wash the mask frame as well, especially any nooks and crannies that may collect grunge. Be especially careful when you disconnect any parts that you don’t break them. If in doubt, don’t do it.