CPAP Machines – Care and Cleaning

Care of Your CPAP Machine

1. Change the intake filters regularly, at least monthly and more often in dusty environments. Remember, this air is going directly into your lungs, plus a dirty filter makes the motor run harder.

2. Rinse and let air dry humidifier chambers every morning after use. Avoid mineral build up by rinsing the chamber with a 25% water/vinegar solution – weekly is good, more often if necessary. If mineral content in your water is a problem, soak the chamber with a straight vinegar solution to help control the mineral build-up, and use distilled water (even if the stuff from the supermarket says “Not for medical use” it is still distilled water. Rain water is also a good alternative.

3. Don’t disconnect the power cord unless necessary, and then by pulling on the plug, not the cord. Using the autostart setting if possible, to save a lot of wear and tear on the power components (cord, switch, etc)

4. Be gentle when removing components (humidifier chambers, filter covers etc.) This is especially true for the hose connecting the machine to the mask. Leave them connected if you can, or concentrate as you disconnect them – don’t break mask elbows in your hurry, take off your mask instead.

5. Don’t stab at the controls with your fingers, use gentle force. These switches last much longer if treated well.

6. Don’t fiddle with the machine – the only thing a “Weekend Warrior” can do to a CPAP machine is stuff it up. Keep your screwdrivers in the shed, not in the machine.